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We can see the role of Modern Information Technology in our daily life. Almost businesses are connected with computer technology field. This is the need of today; every modern institution requires computer and presentation skills. So to make you competitive in the job market, institute provides various training of certifications in computer courses which are under the supervision of SIR MUHAMMAD ASIF. Academy of I.T is responsible to provide best environment where students feel relax and academy organized various workshops for students. Management provides Facility of digital lab where the lectures have been delivered for the awareness of Information Technology and Presentation Skills. The expertise of our academy will help you and will serve everything which they can do to look after when you will begin to build your career.

Invest your money in the various Certification Computer Courses that will help you in better earning.

There are many private schools and institutes in Pakistan, which provides short term diploma courses to students in education. Academy of Information Technology is the most popular institute, which provides training on official curriculum and Exclusive Real Exam Questions prepared by experts.

About Us

Academy of Information Technology offers various computer courses which start from basic to advance and helps to improve your computer skills. Academy is responsible to provide best training which will be given by SIR MUHAMMAD ASIF [Microsoft Certified Professional].

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Our Services

Academy provides Facility of Digital Lab where the lectures have been delivered for the awareness of I.T Courses and Academy of I.T is also responsible to provide hard and soft copy notes for each course. Online training courses is also available and after completion of course academy conducted certificate distribution ceremony.

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Our Team

Nowadays it is almost impossible to avoid being a member of team. If you're not on an official team at work, chances are you function within one in one way or another. So it's important for your personal and career development to know your team working strengths and weaknesses.

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Our LatestOffers

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Microsoft Office - 2013

Microsoft Office is a basic course of computer field. This course helps to operate computer and Office Documentation[Application, letter,formatting etc.], Office Calculation.

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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the set of Markup symbols or codes inserted in a file intended for display on a World Wide Web browser page.

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Windows Server-2012

Communication between two computer or more then computer it is called networking. Academy of it provide opportunities to be a professional in networking field. Classes given by Microsoft Certified Professional.

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PHP & MySql

For many people, the main reason for learning a scripting language like PHP is because of the interaction with databases it can offer.

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